Registered Mortgage Advisors

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  • This is an Application Affordability Calculator for use by panel registered mortgage advisers.
  • We encourage all registered advisers to use this version of the affordability calculator as you can save, amend and review the information captured before finally submitting it with the corresponding mortgage application.
  • New applications submitted via Online Trading will be available in Application Manager to allow you to use our document upload service.
  • The Application Manager helps you package your case in 4 simple steps. Only fully packaged cases will be assessed.
    1. Submit the application via Online Trading
    2. Submit the Affordbility Calculation (n/a for BTL)
    3. Send the fee (if appropriate)
    4. Upload the supporting documents
  • You will be able to monitor progression of your cases.
  • Paper applications sent via post will not appear in Application Manager.
If You Are Not Registered

Click here to Join Our Panel and register for Online Trading, Application Affordability Calculator and Application Manager.

  • This is a Quick Affordability Calculator for advisers who have not joined our panel or registered for Online Trading yet.
  • This affordability calculation cannot be saved and cannot be submitted with a mortgage application.
  • You will need to join our panel and register for Online Trading to be able to use the Application Affordability Calculator and to be able to submit an application.
  • The affordability calculators provide you and your client with an indication of how much we may be prepared to lend for a Residential Mortgage.
  • This is subject to a satisfactory credit score, confirmation of income, expenditure and the value and suitability of the property.
  • If you need any assistance, please contact the Intermediary Support Team on 0344 481 2010.

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